We can offer consultancy services related to data science, machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing.

We can also offer EARs, PreAid, ExStream, TrendMap, and other software products tailored to your needs.

Analysis tab here allows you to compute statistics and correlation matrix of columns of your dataset. It also allows you to build a supervised machine learning model from your training dataset and then make predictions for your test dataset.

CpmData tab allows you to view CountsPerMinute data and charts of ionizing radiations as logged by certain Geiger counters.

Articles tab has links to some educational literature. was founded and is owned by Laxmi L Patel. She has extensive experience related to data science, engineering business, and healthcare. She has MSc degree in Statistics and AS degree in Radiologic Technology.

Services can offer the following consultancy services to suit your needs.

Products can offer the following software products tailored to your needs.
  • EARs - Emergency Alerts & Response System
  • PreAid - Preliminary Clinical Diagnostic Aid
  • ExStream - Excel add-on for using certain APIs
  • TrendMap - Excel macro to visualize data on a map

EARS (Emergency Alerts & Response System)

Emergency Alerts & Response System
Much water is wasted because the parties skilled in or responsible for fixing water leakages are unaware of most water leakages. By the time they come to know about water leakages, it is too late. The public may come to know about these water leakages, but they have no skills or authority to fix them and they do not know whom or how to contact for fixing the leakages. If we can devise a system whereby the public can notify the concerned parties, and the concerned parties can track leakages on a map, it will have a huge impact.
In order to make such a system more popular and cost effective, it will be prudent to group water leakages with other problems where the public would need to inform concerned authorities. It is with that idea in mind that I came up with this notion of Emergency Alerts & Response System.
This application includes a typical webpage where the public can notify the concerned authorities about water leakages. On the left side is a Google map showing pinned locations of different reported incidents. On the right side is a user-friendly simple form where the reporter can give location and type of incident and then give the reporter's contact details.
In the back-end there is a MongoDB database to save and update records of incidents.
When a reporter or a responsible official opens this webpage, the Google map shows reported incidents. When the reporter fills out the form and submits it, the Google map is updated and shows the new reported location, and the Verify tab shows this new entry.
On the Analyze tab, I planned to shows an analysis of incidents. On the Predict tab, I planned to show some predictive analytics results.
This application is an enhanced and simplified version of Google-Water and Aqua-Data projects.




ExStream is Extra.xlam file, which is very useful for travel agents to do their tasks more efficiently and intelligently.
When Excel program is open, ExStream appears as Extra ribbonbar with several convenient features.
  • Xampp, NodeJs, GoLang, and MongoDB buttons can download and install Xampp (Apache http server, MariaDB database, Php language interpreter, and Perl language interpreter), NodeJs web server framework, Go language & web server, and MongoDB database.
  • Sabre, Google, and Instagram buttons can guide in Sabre, Google, and Instagram APIs.
  • Status button can show the status of various servers. OnOff button can start or stop a server.
  • Space button can show the sizes of drives, folders, and files. Merge button can merge records from different worksheets, files, and folders.
  • Person, Point, and Amount buttons can prepare and open Excel files for records of passengers, travel points, and travel financials.
  • Check button can make use of a Sabre API and fetch information of flights available for multiple travel plans listed on a spreadsheet. Watch and Compare buttons can monitor and compare travel options. Approve button can route a travel plan for authority’s approval.
  • Book button can book a travel plan. Itinerary and Vouch buttons can get itineraries and vouchers for travel plans.
  • Map button can show locations on Google map, Forecast and Alert buttons can give forecasts and alters related to upcoming travel plans.
  • TrendMap

    TrendMap.xlsm is an Excel macro, which is quite useful for visualizing and understanding various data by regions.
    The video included here explains how to display total fuel sales as reported by by the states of USA.
  • TrendMap.xlsm macro enables:
    • Computation of linear, quadratic, and other types of variations in fuel sales for each state
    • Computation of correlations of variations and their comparisons
    • Creation of vector maps
    • Interactive visualization of data on a map
  • The Show Trend button on the macro file produces a color map of USA and changes the colors of the states depending on their monthly fuel sales.
  • The vector map technique presented here can be used in many situations without any subscription based services.
  • The Show Friends button on the macro file computes and compares statistics of the sales data.
  • States having higher correlation are construed as “friends”.
  • If a state is clicked on the vector map, the map shows its linked “friendly” state.
  • Analysis

    Compute statistics and correlation matrix of columns of your dataset.

    statistics and correlation matrix of columns

    Build a supervised machine learning model from your training dataset and then make predictions for your test dataset.

    supervised machine learning model


    An introductory article on quantum physics based on two lectures by Lalit A Patel


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